Post 1 – New Year

It’s like writing the title of a paper before you know what you’re writing about. Or coming up with a company name before you know what your mission statement is. Until you start writing, how can you know what you are writing about?

Warning: here come the clichés.

It’s a new year! A new you! Time to start fresh and make those New Year’s Resolutions (capital R) come true! Time to be your best self, eat better, exercise more, finish what you started, grab life by the horns, and all that jazz. It’s true that January 1st of any year is just like any other day of any other month of the year. The sun sets, the midnight bells chime, and when you wake up the next morning a new day lays before you, ripe with the possibility of a new beginning. So why do we reserve a special occasion for New Year’s Eve? Why must we write down goals for the New Year as if we’ve been given a clean slate and can start our lives anew? Well, for one thing most people find it easier to start at the beginning. Rather than stopping in the middle of a chocolate ice cream sundae binge and saying “wait, I should start eating more vegetables,” we instead say: “starting tomorrow I will…”

In comes the New Year and with it an even bigger version of starting at the beginning. The date has changed so we give ourselves another chance. This time I’m gonna do it right.

With all that in mind, I’m sort of falling into the trap. Forget becoming a new me or changing my ways, I want to think of it more as taking a different approach. No, scratch that. Ok, I guess I can’t avoid the clichés.

So this year I’m still cooking, (not changing that any time soon!) but I’m trying new recipes. Think of it as Julie and Julia style, although I’m not sticking to any particular cookbook or even recipes per se, and I’m not making any hard and fast rules (not out loud at least).

After each recipe that I make, if I decide it is not something I want to make again, I will get rid of it (and in this way help clean up my recipe collection a bit).


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