Post 2 – Blog Envy

Blogs that inspire me: Cooking Architecture

Claire and Juan, the husband and wife writer team

Claire and Juan, the husband and wife writer team










You know how you look at other people’s lives on the surface and you tell yourselves all the many ways that their lives are perfect? I do that. The comparison game.




It can be a good thing if you know how to put it to good use. If you use the comparison game for inspiration, it may take you to a positive place.

One example of this inspiration by comparison is found in a blog I follow, written by a family friend from school and her new husband. We went to school together and my mom taught her and her brother sometime in elementary school and though we were never friends, so to speak, the small size of the school meant we were familiar and friendly with each other. I remember going over to their family’s house one time for dinner and being in awe of their beautifully rustic-chic house (her dad is an architect and now she and her husband are too). She and her family are incredibly beautiful and kind people and this genuineness transforms my game of comparison from one of jealously into one of admiration.

Anyway, her blog is called Cooking Architecture and through it she documents her passion for food in connection with spaces and places. She hosted a series of dinners this year that focused on connecting with the senses as well as commensality. One dinner took place mostly in the dark where guests relied on their sense of smell, touch, and taste to savor the food, rather than their vision and the most recent one began eating in the cold winter dark outside, ending the meal in the intimate warmth of the indoors. She describes each of these dinners in beautiful detail on her blog, which I highly recommend reading.

Reading her recent blog posts inspires me to host more unusual dinner parties. I find that I enjoy having people over and I enjoy coming up with menus, but it always becomes some mad rush to make a final menu decision at the last minute. Without a theme, I’m just picking out menu items that I think would impress or delight people and without direction, I find myself pulling all the cookbooks off the shelves repeatedly to make sure I’ve considered every option. So here’s a goal – to have more themed dinners. This does not mean restrictions and rules, it means guidelines and structure. That way everyone knows what to expect somewhat and it gives me some direction in terms of menu planning.

As for the comparison game, I wouldn’t say that I’ve won, but I have gotten better at appreciating what I have. I’m not going to go on and on about that one just for the sake of keeping your attention, but let’s just say I’m getting better.


One thought on “Post 2 – Blog Envy

  1. Thank you Erin for such kind words! I’m so glad you were able to come to dinner the other night. It was a such a joy to finally share another meal with you! Thank you for motivation that we provide inspiration. That means the world to us! So glad to see your new blog too! Congrats!

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