Post 4 – Hibernation Food

Hibernation. It’s winter. Duh. (It’s especially winter today in Boston. If you haven’t been paying attention for the past few days, turn on your internet, TV, radio, or whatever and see the crazy amount of snow that landed on the East Coast.) I am not a bear nor do I know any bears (I guess other animals probably hibernate, but for some reason the word hibernate makes me think of bears…hmm), BUT this is definitely the time to hibernate – i.e. stay inside, eat lots of heavy food, and fatten up (like a bear? Is that the connection?) Am I right? Yep. Because everyone and their brother in Boston has posted on facebook about all of the delicious food they made or are making during all of this blizzard-y goodness.

blizzard street

So naturally I want to bake and cook too. A few days ago, admittedly before the storm, I made delicious ginger sugar cookies with browned-butter frosting and candied ginger. In my mind I’d like to think it’s a recipe I invented, inspired by a certain ginger scone I used to enjoy from a Dayton bakery. Now before you picture a darkened gingerbread or gingersnap type cookie, let me explain. The goal was a purely ginger, ginger cookie, unadulterated by the rich darkness of molasses that is often paired with ginger. I began with my favorite sugar cookie recipe and added a touch of brown sugar (yeah yeah it does have molasses in it), ground ginger, and candied ginger. I baked them up soft and round and buttery with little bites of candied ginger cleverly encased and frosted them with a browned butter frosting, in which the butter had only just barely started to emit a nutty aroma, but before the color really changed drastically. This way I maintained the pure white and lemon-yellow ginger-sugar-cookie look I was going for. Let me just say MAJOR WIN. These cookies were exactly what I had dreamed of, and 10 cookies (a half batch) disappeared very quickly between the two of us.

Don't you want to make them right now???

Don’t you want to make them right now???

In other news yesterday I made failed baked apple donuts. Here’s the quick run down: yeasted apple-studded dough, plopped into unattractive mounds and baked. They rose slightly, but maintained their pasty yellow dough complexion on the top and reminded me too much of sweetened bread, rather than a donut. Note to self – don’t bake yeast donuts. They probably fry much better. Well you win some, you lose some. Now go bake something tasty!

Also don’t make excuses that you can’t do anything other than laze around and watch Downton Abbey.

Be productive.

You’re an adult.

Gah, I’m just trying to tell this to myself.


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