Post 11 – Wooster Local Eats

After a lovely breakfast and conversation with Fong at the Black Squirrel Inn, we continued on to a productive day of wedding venue browsing and delicious eats! For lunch, we enjoyed a lovely meal at Local Roots, a farmers’ market and café. The market sells good quality, local foods that you can either enjoy in their café or take home to cook. They sell a variety of produce and meats from local farms, clearly labeled with where it comes from and, in some cases, information about the farms. At the back, they have a café with wonderful sandwiches and salads (A+ on their Harvest Vegetable and Chicken Parmesan Paninis with homemade corn chips!) They also sell homemade baked goods, jams, teas, granolas, AND they have a little wing off the shop where they sell handmade products like knitted items and pottery. Oh, and how could I forget the mini demo kitchen where they teach a 6-week series of healthy cooking courses to community members for a mere $15 per class! We were there the day of their last class, but we didn’t go back that night to check it out. I was quite pleased to find such a gem in Wooster (thanks for the recommendation, Fong!)


Our breakfast the last morning at the Inn was a wonderful variation of Fong’s style (Fong-ified as she told us her son calls it) from the previous morning (and this time I had the sense to take pictures!) We began with a pink smoothie topped whimsically with a maraschino cherry (some sort of strawberry, raspberry, pineapple combination?) and moved directly to dessert! Well, the dessert of breakfast anyway – baked pumpkin donuts, drizzled with dark chocolate glaze. IMG_2151

Our meal concluded with what I want to call an egg roll, though in the most literal sense of the word – it was an egg/omelet-like dish rolled up like a spiral with green peas and cheddar cheese to brighten its center. Fong accented the egg with two triangles of sourdough toast and a sprinkling of fennel pork sausage.  We shared our meal with the parents of a prospective student and a professor from Calcutta whose son is a freshman at Wooster. We were able to reminisce about our good old days at The College, while sharing our experiences with the eager parents and assuring them that Wooster got us to where we are today.


We continued our delicious food escapades at Spoon Market for lunch. This charming store offers baked goods, sandwiches, soups, salads, and doubles as a specialty food store. They offer a limited selection of ethnic foods as well as wines and beers. At the very back of this long store they even have a butcher counter selling good quality (local?) meats. We each ordered a sandwich (named after movies – The Odd Couple & The Hangover), which came with a nice garlic-dill pickle and the option of kale chips or potato chips. Though I wasn’t impressed by my sandwich (I think it was mainly the combination of sweet ham and too sweet cranberry sauce that turned me off) the bread was delicious and I would gladly go back to check out their other options.



We continued our trip by returning to Boston by way of D.C. Of course we had some tasty eats there too. Stay tuned for my next post featuring a tasty cookie recipe!


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