Post 19 – Old School Food Pictures

Yesterday I went back in time through my own words and pictures. I was cleaning out an old desktop computer that has been living in my closet for the past two years and I ended up finding a bunch of old pictures, early IM exchanges with a certain someone, and interesting self-reflections on what I pictured my post-college life to be. When I finished sorting through things I wanted to keep and things to trash, I emerged in a nostalgic haze, barely aware of my present life in Boston.


It was nice to reminisce. I remembered some very happy moments I’ve lived that are easily forgotten, I remembered the joyful newness that comes with the beginning of a relationship, and I admired my past self for some forgotten accomplishments.

Like remember when I made that cool tie-dye cake for the Peace, Love, and Neuter event at the Humane Society in Dayton?





I guess 2007 Erin remembered the value of photographing food that she created (this doesn’t feel like 6 years ago!) Must have been about the time I started making my famous Checkerboard cookies.



I’ve clearly been baking every chance I get from cinnamon rolls…


To Fruit tartlettes…





To Cheesecakes.


To birthday cakes… (we see some of that chocolate frosting from the previous post going to work here)


There are some definite benefits to doing some old-fashioned spring cleaning: a renewed sense of love for someone I take for granted all too often, a slight spike in my self-confidence (I’ve been making awesome food longer than I remembered!), a new perspective on my present life (look how far you’ve come), and the relief gained from gently clearing aside possessions of the past to make room for some gratefulness in the present.


(What was the occasion for these mini bundt cakes? I have no idea. Does one need an occasion?)

More cleaning and packing to do and next week a new kitchen to cook in!


Oh hey, it’s Tuesday again.

Remember when it was just last Tuesday and the friendly stranger greeted me with a joyful “Happy Tuesday”? See what I told you?

Time flies. Carpe diem!


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