Post 21 – Banana Bread Mode

I have been in automatic mode lately. In a bad way. I come home from work and automatically stuff food in my mouth as if it’s something I haven’t already been doing all day (that’s what you get when you work in a kitchen). I respond to what I perceive as dumb questions with automated sarcasm. “No, this chicken isn’t what we’re having for lunch.” Really? Are you really asking me that?

When they respond with a hurt look, I realize I should think before I speak. Do you ever feel like you are not in control of yourself because you are in automatic mode?

No excuses.


In my case I am on auto-mode mostly when it comes to my food and work habits. At work I’m getting especially lazy. As the school year draws to a close, most of the kids have checked out and so have I, knowing that only a few days remain until summer. Ah summer. The word feels like magic to those mentally still in kid mode (like me!) – summer means freedom from work and responsibility, sidewalk chalk, walking on stilts, fireflies (though alas now I work in the summers). This is not good for my work ethic.


When it comes to my eating habits, I also fall into automatic mode. I get up and eat the same breakfast (homemade granola with yogurt, fruit, and nuts), snack on random food at school (without thinking about it), go home and snack some more and make dinner when the clock says so. I am in such a rut. Things need to chaaaaaange. (Insert cool time machine sound effects)

Erin Eating Everything!

Erin Eating Everything!


We bought a few too many bananas earlier this week, and by mid-week a few had blossoming brown spots sprouting on their yellow skins. The sight of these banana freckles immediately started my culinary wheels a-turning, as I tried to decide what these precious fruits could become: the classic banana bread, banana “soft serve,” or bananas foster?


Lewis, the cat, helping out

Lewis, the cat, helping out

In the spirit of operating outside of auto-mode, I opted for something different. I came across a chocolate bar that has been sitting purposeless in my pantry a few too many weeks and decided to put it to work. I melted it into smoothness on the stove and I dunked the banana chunk in it, sprinkling them with cocoa nibs and putting the whole mess in the freezer.


Now that the beauties are made and sitting in the freezer, I have reverted back to automatic mode: open the freezer and look for a treat. At least this time it’s a different treat.


(Note to self: Next time don’t forget to put the bananas on parchment paper because otherwise the chocolate bottom layer gets stuck to the ceramic plate! Also, this recipe probably works best with firmer bananas.)


Homemade granola - for dipping in the leftover melted chocolate. Mmmm

Homemade granola – for dipping in the leftover melted chocolate. Mmmm

If you’re feeling in a rut, try doing something new for a change – a new workout, a new recipe, some self-discipline (I’m talking to you, me!) You might just find you end up with the life equivalent of chocolate-covered bananas instead of banana bread (what does that even mean?)

I mean, they say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, but when life gives you bananas… make whatever the heck you want!

Happy Friday 🙂


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