Post 29 – Pirate Pastries

I have to admit I was lazy our second day in Vernazza – I took absolutely no pictures of any of our delicious meals. I’m sorry for depriving you of your beautiful food porn.

Our second day in Vernazza began with a breakfast made by pirate twins. How often can you say pirates made your breakfast?

If you ever go to Vernazza, I highly recommend eating at Il Pirata delle 5 Terre (click the link and scroll down for beautiful pictures on their website) – a pastry shop and restaurant off the main road in the village. Twin brothers run this charming place, so don’t be alarmed if you just think one guy is running around and doing everything. You probably just saw one brother here and the other brother there. The pastries are all homemade and they sell out quickly. We beat the morning rush by arriving at 8 and the line came right after we sat down.

Sam and I shared a beautiful fruit plate (not photographed because we didn’t bring the camera – sheesh! The most beautiful things are always eaten when the camera isn’t present) and we each had our own pastry. After giving us a hard time about not coming for dinner the night before, one of the brothers picked out a pastry for each of us – mine a croissant type pastry filled with pastry cream and Sam’s the same filled with a cannoli-like ricotta and chocolate chip filling. Delicious way to start the day.


For our second day in the Cinque Terre, we hiked the path from Vernazza to Corniglia, stopping to enjoy the views and take water breaks. As we hiked toward the village, we could see the other villages in the distance, jutting out into the water.


Because the other paths were closed, we took the train to the next village, Manarola, where we ate lunch. Sam’s mom was fortunate enough to find a great store with a whole gluten free selection and a friendly owner! She was thrilled. She shared a bite of her chestnut tart with me and though the flavor was good, I didn’t enjoy the texture.


We passed restaurants with beautiful seaside views


The same restaurant from a different side

The same restaurant from a different side

And silly signs in restaurant doorways.


Sam and I continued on to check out the other villages




and then came home for a casual seaside dinner with his parents. I enjoyed a tasty salad from a place called the Lunch Box and a cone of fried shrimp.


We returned to the pirates hoping for a leftover pastry to take on the train for our early morning ride, but as they had said, they were sold out.


We shared a cannoli instead and wandered back out to the seaside to enjoy our dessert and take one last glance at the beautiful village.



The next day we were off to Rome.


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