Post 35 – Reasons to be Happy

Whew! Welcome to almost Friday!

It’s been a busy and gratifying week. This week I have (or will have by tomorrow)
Created a Restaurant Week menu (more on that to come)
Baked 150 homemade biscuits for “Eating with Erin”
Catered for a woman’s 94th birthday party

Oh and my business cards arrived! I am official.


I feel satisfied and accomplished. I am also full – full of life and energy and gratitude (and currently full of delicious food) having fed so many happy people this past week.

Did I tell you about my lemonade stand? (Sam’s name for it). I started making lunch for staff at the summer camp where I work since lunch is not provided in the summer to the few staff members who remain there. For a reasonable price, I provide a tasty, homemade lunch to those who sign up. It started out slowly and has grown in the past three weeks, keeping relatively steady, yet always increasing by Friday (I guess people get lazy and/or the Friday lunch choices are popular). I enjoy writing menus and seeing the reactions of people reading them.


My favorite question: “What’s on the menu for today?” There’s a certain joy in feeding people, giving them something that fills and sustains them. I also love the satisfaction of seeing the results of my work. I get into my mode in the kitchen – chopping up vegetables, saute-ing, roasting, and marinating and then something wonderful (usually anyway) results from the work I put in. That’s the satisfaction I get – transformation. From parts into whole, from raw into cooked, from flour dust to muffin tops. Oh and of course those first bites and expressions of delight on people’s faces – that gives me a thrill too. How often do you see people enjoying something that you actually made?

Today the camp kids enjoyed “Eating with Erin,” a short segment of their camp day where they toured the industrial kitchen and assembled strawberry shortcakes to gobble down. The kids had a blast and I enjoyed interacting with them more.

Tomorrow (thank goodness) is Friday and after delivering the salads I promised for the 94th birthday party, I hope to have a rather relaxing weekend. Well, for a little bit anyway. After I recover from my busy week, there are more menus to plan and always more food to cook. Always. Thank goodness (and thank people!) there will always be people who’ll eat because I will always be the person who (happily) feeds them.

More on this delicious darling to come

More on this delicious darling to come


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