Post 45 – My weekend in food

Today all I have for you are pictures. Savor them.


The new “super food” – chia seeds. Stir them into any liquid and they will firm up like a gel. I used them to make raw, vegan pudding.

photo(57)Sweetened with dates and maple syrup.

photo(58)My farmers’ market bounty!

5 lbs peaches

2 large zucchini

7 ears of corn

2 bags (4 heads) red leaf lettuce



IMG_3419Celebrating a friend’s belated birthday is always a good excuse to make this marbled cake with browned-butter frosting and cocoa nibs.




45 or more minutes later…

IMG_3423Delicious peach butter!

Stir into yogurt. Use as a topping for chicken. Eat it with peanut butter on toast.





IMG_3417Zucchini squares and fresh corn on the cob!

Definitely a delicious weekend.


5 thoughts on “Post 45 – My weekend in food

  1. Once I managed to get past the tendency of those pesky little seeds to get stuck in my teeth, I started to love chia! Have you tried any of the beverages with chia? I want to try making something like that at home.

    • I have not tried any beverages with chia, Rachel. I will have to check that out! Maybe mixed in with my morning yogurt and granola…

    • The zucchini squares look great – and I don’t like zucchini (too squishy, usually). The peach butter looked yummy as well. Love the idea of it with peanut butter on toast. I keep hearing about Chia seeds, so I guess I will have to try some. They aren’t by chance the droppings from a Chia Pet, are they? (If so, Grandma Mabie would have called them Chia “tickets”)

      • You should try this recipe, Aunt Stace. It’s not squishy at all, well besides the fact that it’s made with eggs. It’s like a cross between a biscuit and a quiche texture.

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