Post 60 – Thanksgiving Feast

Just like every other highly anticipated moment in our lives, the day of stuffing our faces with turkey and pumpkin pie has come and gone too quickly. The giant bird taking up real estate in the fridge has been reduced to a tupperware of shredded turkey chunks and the once dreamy-creamy mashed potato have solidified into a bowl-shaped white brick in the fridge.


OR If you didn’t host Thanksgiving at your place, you look into your empty fridge longingly, wishing there were leftovers and dreaming up another Thanksgiving meal to make just so you can have some leftover stuffing and pie. Well, that’s how I feel anyway.




I celebrated a delightful Thanksgiving with my family – Sam, Mom, Boo-nater and Boo-natrix, my aunt Beyonce and her Jay-Z (don’t ask). Our hosts cooked up a mean feast of turkey, sausage stuffing, brussel sprouts and bacon, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, green salad, and mashed turnips (special request). My aunt and I helped with the dessert spread, making an Alice Waters’ recipe pumpkin pie, vanilla creme brulee (another special request), and apple cider caramels. We also had an apple pie and pear and cranberry crisp brought by another guest. Here is my Thanksgiving in pictures.






Happy Thanksgiving!


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