Post 82 – Birthdays


Growing up my birthday always felt like it lasted more than a day. Perhaps it was the anticipation, the build up, or the spread of celebrations with school friends and family and extended family. I used to count down the days until my birthday, write a birthday list at least a month in advance, plan with anticipation the cake I would eat (and often make), and feel giddy the night before thinking about my special day. And then it would be my birthday! And something about the day would be happy! and joyous! Everyone would wish me happy birthday and I would feel a glow of love and attention unlike any other day.

photo 2(27)

Birthday buckwheat pancakes instead. And eggs!

Birthdays are different now.  There are fewer parties and no cake, (this year at least) and since moving to Boston family is farther away. Each year the days go by faster and there’s less anticipation and more grown-up problems to worry about (wah wah).

Homemade sushi that fits the restrictions of the elimination diet!

Homemade sushi within the restrictions of my elimination diet! Fresh avocado, fresh ginger, brown rice, smoked salmon, and nori.

Nonetheless a birthday is still a reason to be grateful for another year of life and a wealth of love and support. So despite a slightly different attitude toward birthdays now, I am grateful for all of the birthday love (so much love). Thanks for the text messages and phone calls and facebook messages that came pouring in, for my sisters sending me pictures of their goofy “missing you” faces, and the awesome voicemails with original rhyming raps from one of my best friends (you know who you are).

The Beatles said that all you need is love and I think that’s mostly true. Thanks for all of the birthday love and support. Here’s to another great year – the year of the spatulas! The year of scraping every last drop!

photo 3(24)Cheers!


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