Post 84 – Some food snapshots

I haven’t been doing a whole lot of interesting cooking lately, but here are a few snapshots of food in my life. Even though I’m still not eating sugar, I’ve found a few creative ways to feel indulgent, pancakes being one of them (no sugar added of course). I followed Chris Kresser’s recipe

photo 2(29)Buckwheat sourdough pancakes cooking…. mmmm love the bubbles.

photo 4(17)

photo 1(32)Topped simply with fresh fruit!


One of our wedding presents was a slow cooker.

photo 3(26)Here is our first slow cooker meal! Beef roast with root vegetables and herbs – not quite the right weather, but we had to give it a test drive. Loved the hands-off cooking!


And finally a meal I made for the family I cook for…

photo 5(7)From top left, clockwise. Arugula, basil, & zucchini salad with Pecorino cheese and almonds (apparently Maggie Gyllenhaal’s favorite), roasted shrimp, couscous, and mango-cucumber salsa.





Hope you’re making some tasty summer dishes! Happy summer 🙂


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