Post 90 – What’s cooking

photo 3(32)

In my last post, I declared my intention to following a low FODMAP diet – no onions, garlic, stone fruits, avocados, wheat, lactose… the list goes on. I was determined to stick to this diet for the sake of feeling better and I was determined to share all of these creative and exciting recipes with you, but that hasn’t happened. I have been eating low FODMAP (with a few moments of weakness here and there), but I have mostly been relying on resources for recipes from other people’s blogs so I have not been re-posting them here. Keeping meals simple (but still delicious) has been my focus, as well as eating slowly, deliberately, and smaller, more frequent meals.

I am also continually reminded that nothing exists in isolation to the rest of the world. While certain foods may trigger my symptoms, there are other factors that play a role as well – stress, good relationships or lack of good relationships, satisfaction with life, and good or bad habits. Not everything can be improved with a quick change of diet and so I have begun to consider these other outside aspects as well in searching for ultimate health. I’m sorry that I haven’t shared exciting recipes or revelations, but I appreciate you sticking with me despite my challenges.

Despite not being able to always cook and eat what I love, I have still been cooking for others. Here are some photos of what I’ve been up to lately. For a food truck’s staff party that I catered:

photo 2(35)My signature pasta salad, potato and chive salad, summer fruit salad, roasted skirt steak with herb butter, and spinach, peach and feta salad with sweet onion dressing.


photo 1(38)

My mom’s brownie recipe (on a larger scale)

photo 4(22)

For the family whose home I cook in three times a week…

photo 2(34)Baked pork potstickers – made in mini muffin pans for ease of cooking and fun eating for kids. They turned out great!

photo 1(37)With some green peas and dipping sauce on the side


photo 3(31)Green veggie risotto with chicken sausages. Yum!


And last but not least, I have started doing some health and nutrition centered bulletin boards at the school where I work to provide some colorful and educational information about food. Here is my September board:

photo 4(21)Unfortunately I think the picture I took is a little crooked, but I am happy with how it turned out!

Have a wonderful weekend. Fall is coming!