Post 120 – Dinner at Ming Tsai’s Blue Dragon

It’s springtime and you can’t stay inside too long with weather this gorgeous! To celebrate the spring Sam and I have been getting out more on the weekends and enjoying this wonderful city that we live in. A few weekends ago we enjoyed a casual dinner in the North End (the Italian neighborhood of Boston) and walked along the Boston Hah-bah afterwards. I love being close to the water, smelling that salty seawater and taking in the view. The Boston Harbor hotel has a beautiful domed entrance.IMG_0821 A few weekends ago we wandered over to Somerville for a pre Cinco de Mayo block party at Taza Chocolate company. We stayed for a little bit and then headed on to our next adventure. With comfortable breezes and no clouds in the sky we walked from Somerville to downtown Boston, crossing the sparkling Charles River along the way. We checked out the Boston labyrinth at the Armenian Heritage Park because I had read that May 2nd was National Labyrinth Day. Apparently labyrinths are supposed to be good for meditation and relaxation so we decided to check it out. Though the labyrinth itself was disappointing (I expected more of a high-walled maze), I enjoyed discovering something in Boston that had been under my nose all along. IMG_0347

For dinner we ended up in Fort Point, an up-and-coming area of Boston along the water with beautiful views and new restaurants and real estate. We stumbled upon Ming Tsai’s Blue Dragon and were happily seated right away with a window view of the goings-on in Fort Point. Ming Tsai also owns Blue Ginger in Wellesley, Mass and is a fairly well-known chef in the area.

Fun fact: Did you know that Ming Tsai grew up in Dayton, Ohio just like me? He even went to the same school that I did for at least a year or two. He even came to my school and I got his autograph.



We shared a dragon bowl (above – notice the flaming lime!) and a few Asian tapas.



Pork and scallion wontons.




My personal favorite – Pad Thai with scallops and bacon!




Carolina BBQ Potstickers – a little spicy for me, but delicious.



We also had their sweet potato chips with scallion dip though I didn’t take a picture.

Then, as we are known to do, we decided to get dessert. Blue Dragon only has one dessert on their menu and though it’s not particularly Asian, I see no real reason for them to change it. Who could resist a personal pan of freshly baked chocolate chip cookie, melting vanilla ice cream and a soy (the Asian twist?) caramel drizzle? We certainly couldn’t. It looks bigger in the photo than it really is (or is that just me defending the fact that just two of us devoured it?). I told Sam it’s a good thing we don’t have a personal size cast iron skillet or I’d want to make this allllll the time.

It was perfectly salty and sweet in all the right ways with beautiful contrasts of hot and cold, creamy and crispy. I couldn’t recommend it enough.



We ended our night with a lovely stroll through downtown Boston. Another thing I love about this city is how easily you can walk everywhere, which is especially great after eating a big dinner. We are very happy to have so many wonderful places to eat in Boston and we can’t wait for the chance to go back.

Check out Blue Dragon in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood. We can’t wait to go back!


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