An Easy Summer Treat: Frozen Grapes!

Ah summertime! Long warm days of sunshine, relaxed time at the beach, and cool ocean breezes – these are the dreams of summer. Well, sometimes those summer dreams can turn into too long, hot days, crowded beach, and absolutely no breeze! We began to miss the spring weather (or even winter) and long for cooler days ahead. However, I’m trying to remind myself that summer is worth celebrating, even if it’s hot! Let’s do the best to enjoy this much anticipated time of the year while we can despite the downsides.


We just came back from a trip to Seattle where the temperatures were twenty degrees above average! Though the Northwest is generally cooler and less humid than here in the Northeast, Seattle has recently broken records. Unfortunately, many houses and apartments are not built with air conditioning because usually they don’t need it, which means many Seattleites have been taking this heat wave full-on! This trip felt like the ultimate summertime and we did our best to enjoy the relatively unscheduled time off.

We had a great visit with family and friends, despite the heat. We kept cool by swimming in a small lake nearby and eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream every single night. My father-in-law stocked the freezer with eleven pints of ice cream, I kid you not.

We ate chicken salad, fresh strawberries, grilled salmon, corn, and potato salad. The best treat of all was the grilled corn, salmon, and zucchini since we don’t have a grill. The smell of the grill, being outside in your barefeet, and eating dinner at a picnic table really make for a wonderful summer evening.

IMG_1091IMG_1096Now that we’re back in Boston I’m finding other ways to handle the heat and embrace the summer. We don’t have air conditioning either, except for a one-room unit, and while it’s not nearly as hot here, I find myself still looking for more summery foods.

IMG_1646These frozen grapes make summertime feel easy, refreshing, and sweet. Pop a few of these in your mouth and I’m sure you’ll start to feel cooler already. Though you do have to wait a little bit of time for these jewels to freeze, they are otherwise pretty quick to make. With a little planning you can have these on hand for whenever the heat strikes.

IMG_1647No recipe needed. Simply wash, remove the stems, and lay flat in the freezer in a ziploc freezer bag. A couple of hours later you have a tasty frozen treat. Just don’t eat too many at once or you might get a cold headache!

IMG_1651Bon appetit!

Here’s hoping Seattle gets some much needed rain and cooler temperatures soon!


3 thoughts on “An Easy Summer Treat: Frozen Grapes!

  1. Frozen grapes are one of those things that I’ve been hearing about for ages and finally tried! They’re so good! I like snacks that I can pop in my mouth one at a time to drag snacktime out and they work perfectly.

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