Halloween Cookies & Parenthood

Before my daughter was born, a part of me thought I would have more time to do things like write a blog post. I mean babies sleep a lot, right? So couldn’t I just whip up a blog post during one of her frequent naps? Well, sometimes babies fall asleep on you or sometimes you need to eat while she sleeps. Sometimes I┬áhave had time to write, but I was too tired to write anything. Or sometimes I haven’t had the time because my child takes mostly half hour naps, and by the time I put her down and go to the bathroom and brush my teeth and get dressed and whatever basic things I need to accomplish, five minutes are left.


Some scones I baked one free moment I had

I also haven’t always had the chance to cook something worth photographing or to take pictures of it. I did manage to bake some delicious scones for my neighbor (see above) as a thank you for the beautiful painting she did in the baby’s room (see below).


We’ve had so many wonderful highs and of course some lows, and I’m sure there will be many more to come, but while we’re at a bit of a relative high now (sleeping much better at night!) I thought I’d check in. (And so far she’s still napping in thirty minute segments, so I’ve written this post over the course of several naps and also after she’s gone to bed.)

Since it’s almost Halloween and I am still the girl that loves to bake and cook and eat all of the yummy things (especially sweets!) I baked some Halloween sugar cookies this past weekend when both of us parents were home. As usual I had grand dreams of making these perfectly frosted, expertly decorated, pumpkin-shaped cookies. However, when I went to make them the closest thing I had to a pumpkin cookie cutter was a circle and so I improvised. They were definitely delicious, though not as expertly frosted as I had hoped.


Nonetheless, I packaged them up and took them to the neighbors to share the sugary love. (I’ve gotten braver over the years! Another time I attempted to share this same recipe for sugar cookies – snowflake shaped – and didn’t succeed. The neighbors weren’t home and I didn’t try again). As usual I enjoyed the process of mixing and rolling and cutting and frosting and the neighbors (I think) enjoyed the cookies.

I guess that parenting is a little bit like my experience making these sugar cookies. You might go in with a certain expectation of how your day is going to go: how your baby is going to nap at all the right times and wake up smiling and happy, and how you’re going to take her out for daily baby play dates and make a million mom friends. Maybe you have one super productive happy day where the timing is just right and the sun shines for your play date and maybe the next day the baby misses her last nap and bedtime is a mess.

I’m starting to accept that you can’t plan out every single moment perfectly and sometimes you just have to take advantage of the little chunks of time when you have them. Just like the dream of perfectly decorated cookies, I know my daughter will turn out to be a perfectly healthy and wonderful human being in the end, even if not the way I may have pictured her.

For my favorite recipe for these sugar cookies, please follow this link! (Also linked above)

Happy Halloween!

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