Post 38 – Dining out and Hanky Cake

I know, I know, I’m sorry. I have no excuses! This week I did not attend any glamorous guest chef events or prepare any more salads for a 94 year old’s birthday party (grand success by the way!). I just went to work, made my camp lunches (the most lucrative week by far), and went out to dinner a few times. So why is it that I barely posted a word this past week?

There’s something about being busy that actually makes me more productive. There’s this exciting energy when all of your metaphorical pots are bubbling away on the stove and you decide hey, why don’t I make a cake while I’m at it. This past week I had hardly any metaphorical pots going and yet I didn’t write a blog post.

Eh, sometimes it’s good to take a break.

Some eating highlights from this week:

Tuesday: antijitos Mexicanos prepared by the lovely Gloria. (Sadly no pictures)

  • shrimp and avocado salad on top of tostones
  • chicken taquitos with sour cream and queso blanco and
  • black beans and Mexican rice (cooked with tomato, garlic, and onion to give it that slight boost of flavor and color)
  • dessert: sweet Mexican candies called Glorias made with dulce de leche


Wednesday: an end of the summer celebration and thank you dinner at The Fireplace in Brookline with the Director, Assistant Director, and Camp Nurse.

Pre-dinner activities: laughing/crying with the nurse (I rarely cry from laughing) over a “Thank You” cake at a staff meeting that turned into “hank you” and eventually “hank y.” (Henceforth named: Hanky cake)

Fireplace Dinner:

  • crab cakes with lemon-caper yogurt sauce
  • pan-seared scallops with lobster hash
  • shared desserts: blueberry tart with lemon curd and
  • chocolate fudge cake with espresso ice cream and hazelnut sauce

Scrumptious though again no pictures.

Saturday night: a nice dinner out with Sam at Lineage – a family owned restaurant that focuses on seafood and local food. I opted for the Chef’s whim tasting menu with wine pairings and was pleasantly surprised (I was expecting some crazy out there dishes, but didn’t get anything too challenging).

  • seared tuna with heirloom tomatoes and basil pesto
  • homemade tomato sauce with ricotta cavatelli and herbed breadcrumbs
  • crispy salmon with bacon, corn, and onions
  • dessert (my choice) – an amazing butterscotch pudding

Sam had

  • Little gem lettuces with grilled peaches and panisse (so delicious he only gave me one bite of because he loved it so much. I’ll be trying to make something like it soon hopefully)
  • Scallops with wheat berries, squash, and sofrito vinaigrette
  • Chocolate mousse with espresso whipped cream

The best part of all this was paying for most of it with a gift certificate!

This morning I started my day with some gluten-free buckwheat banana pancakes using a recipe I adapted from my aunt Angie. Quite delicious with mixed berry jam and maple syrup.



I ate extremely well this week! What did you cook or eat?