Post 53 – Happy Food Day!

For those of you who don’t know today is Food Day! Started by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, this is Food Day’s third year running. The CSPI uses Food Day as a way to celebrate good food and promote conversations around food issues from sustainability to food justice and affordability.


To recognize Food Day at work, I organized a Food Day Assembly for which I invited five guests to be on a panel. My guests included:

  • A Chef and restaurant owner
  • A Nutritionist
  • The former CEO of AGAR – a food distribution company
  • The director of development for Glynwood Farm in New York, and
  • A live-in soup kitchen employee and Boston College student

Though I started out the day nervous and unsure, by the time my first panelists began to arrive I felt a surge of adrenaline and excitement run through me, and suddenly the panel began and ended before I knew it.

I came away inspired by the community that I work for and happy to have had the opportunity to host such an event. I was impressed by the students’ questions, the panelists’ well-crafted responses, and the kindness of teachers and faculty who congratulated me on the event after it ended. Though one of my co-workers joked that we’d have to make the door wider to account for my big head, I appreciated all of the compliments I received and felt honored by people’s response to my event. In addition to hosting a great event, we also served a delicious meal with fresh local fish (delivered this morning)! With this local pollock we made magnificent (if I do say so myself) fish tacos with pickled red onions, cabbage, salsa, black beans, and crema (sour cream mixed with mayo and lime juice) and everyone quite enjoyed it. I am glad that tomorrow is Friday, but I can definitely say it’s been a great week.

Life is good. So good. Busy, but good.


Delicious breakfast! Homemade biscuits!

Delicious breakfast! Homemade biscuits!

Columbus Day weekend we took a trip up to Maine with our good friends and enjoyed the beautiful colors and the relaxed, quiet setting. We played cards, drank wine, and ate more guacamole than we thought we could and when the weekend was done, all were sad to return to our normal lives.


Last dinner in Maine

Last dinner in Maine

When we weren’t in Maine, Sam and I have been enjoying Northeastern soccer games on the weekends and evenings since their field is right across the street from our apartment. On the nights we don’t go, we hear the announcer’s distinctive voice calling the players off the side lines and we see the bright lights blaring into our living room (more so now that the leaves have fallen off the trees that blocked our windows).

Though life has been busy, I can’t complain.

Life is full, fragrant, and colorful. I am grateful for all the good times.

The only sadness is that as we fall farther into autumn, it gets colder and darker. Winter is coming. Almost time to break out the stews and homemade breads. Until then, it’s pumpkin season.

Happy Fall. Happy Food Day!